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  • What is Green Infrastructure?

  • Why is GI important to me?

    The GI concept reconciles the seemingly competing forces of the ‘natural environment’ and ‘development’.

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  • GI Assets

    Most natural and semi-natural features in the landscape can be considered to be green infrastructure, and many can perform one or more GI functions.

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  • GI Benefits

    There is a growing body of evidence and best practice to demonstrate how GI can create places that provide tangible benefits to businesses, local residents and the broader public good.

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Key Information

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Green Infrastructure (GI) is a network of multifunctional green spaces, natural features and environmental management systems which help to provide a natural life support system for people and wildlife.

GI provides the spatial framework for a range of natural functions and uses. By adopting the GI approach, development schemes in the County Borough of Bridgend may be adapted or designed to provide a range of important benefits to people such as:

  • improved connectivity through footpaths and cycle routes
  • space for nature that contributes to the local or sub-regional pattern of connected habitat
  • imaginative recreational facilities that give educational and physical health benefits to local people
  • places that will be more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate. 
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