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  • Development process

  • Site selection

    All developments can contribute to GI by enhancing existing resources or by improving local provision. The scale and cost of GI delivered should reflect the scale and type of development proposed.

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  • Pre-application advice

    Bridgend County Borough Council’s Planning Department welcomes requests for advice at the very outset of a project. Our pre-application advice service is offered to both developers and individual applicants including householders.

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  • Identify GI features

    A crucial step early in any development proposal should be the completion of a site survey and desk study to determine what GI features are present on and around the site, how important they are and how significant features can be retained or enhanced within the development.

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  • Map and conserve GI features

    Once the GI features on and around the site have been identified and their value considered, they should be mapped. This ‘context map’ should act as a framework or ‘green print’ within which the development can be planned.

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  • Consider local issues

    The Council expects development proposals to contribute to addressing social, environmental and economic issues within the County Borough

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  • Design GI into your development

    Once the existing GI features have been mapped, and local issues identified, these should be used to inform the development design. GI should be designed in an integrated way, alongside the built elements of the proposal.

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  • Submit your planning application

    All major or sensitive developments will be expected to give detailed consideration to the impact of their proposal on the Green Infrastructure network. Please ensure that you address GI requirements in your planning application.

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  • Planning application approved with conditions

    If your planning application is successful, the Council may set Planning Obligations to agree the exact contributions to GI, and to ensure that there is minimal disturbance to GI features during the construction phase.

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  • Post-development

    It is important that the long-term management of GI features within major developments are set out in a Landscape Management Plan. Funding the delivery and ongoing maintenance of GI is an important issue for discussion with the Council during the planning process.

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Key Information

Bridgend County Borough Council expects developers to consider green infrastructure (GI) within their project. Click on each stage of the development process for relevant advice.

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