• Keeper of the Lake

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I am this Wilderness, Its story I have kept For I am the Keeper but long have I slept
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Within this land a story sleeps
The world you see is a dream
This story the ancient Keepers keep
And always has it been

I am this Wilderness, Its story I have kept
For I am the Keeper but long have I slept

Look around you now as I wake.
Here, ringed by houses and the roads of Porthcawl, a green and silver island waits to be found.
Here in quiet seclusion, ancient rhythms still play out
In the lives of bat and bird and fish
As they rise and fall on the seasons’ tides . . .

I am the Wilderness

I am this island of water and willow
Where wild coots call and raindrops echo
I am the ripples that circle the depths . . .
A lake’s changing mood; a wind’s whispered breaths
I am the nests, the wood-wombs of spring
Where mallard and moorhen and white swan begin
And I am the stone, which ancient man raised
To honour this landscape in far distant days * 

 I am the scales of the roach, tench and bream
Like Stars in the dark of a watery dream
 I am maples and hawthorns with fingers of leaves
That stroke at the sunbeams, snatch at the breeze

Here wild nature lives by its own will
Here deeper currents are circling still
I am a beacon, a green flame, a sound . . .
I am wilderness calling
From the heart of a town



21 January 2019:08:32 - 21 January 2019:08:32


Nature Keepers guardians of the story of the Land:

The original concept of the Nature Keepers was thought up and developed by Bridgend County Borough Council Tourism Team and the Rangers at Bryngarw Country Park who installed an innovative interpretation trail in 2013, funded by REACH under the European Rural Development Plan.

The four Bryngarw Keepers have proved very successful and have attracted a lot of visitors to the Park. Consequently, the Council's Countryside and Reach Teams have since commissioned 10 more Nature Keepers throughout Bridgend County in local woods, parks and on the coast. These wooden oak sculptures have been carved in some of our most valuable green spaces and each has its own original poem.

The Nature Keepers will also help you to raise awareness of and celebrate the county borough's countryside and green spaces. In Bridgend we are fortunate to have a range of landscapes from mountain uplands to expansive untouched beaches and this has been reflected in the varied locations and range of keepers.

We have found that many residents did not know that these amazing places are right on their doorstep. Through the Nature Keepers we hope to raise awareness of the array and quality of the county borough’s countryside and urban green spaces and most of all encourage you to visit them and once again be reminded of how amazing our natural environment is.

The Nature Keepers help us celebrate Bridgend's countryside as a place to visit, a place for wildlife, a place to work in and a place to enjoy and that is something that we are keen promote to the County Borough's residents and visitors.

We hope that the Nature Keepers each with its own original poem will reignite your emotional connection with the natural environment.  We all have it, whether the connection is with the coast, the woods or the mountains, within all of us there is an emotional connection, often created in childhood, that when triggered reminds us how special these places are. That connection is what can then motivate us to be in these special places and to conserve them for future generations.

The Nature Keepers themselves are the, guardians of the story of the Land; a story written in the landscape and natural environment of the county borough's countryside. The keepers help us realise that we all have close links with the natural world.

If you need some inspiration please check out the interactive keepers video. Most of all we hope you take up this Keepers quest and visit the keepers with friends and family, go explore the county borough and make new memories with the Nature Keepers guardians of the story of the Land;

So what are you waiting for! Get out into the countryside and find all 14 of the Bridgend Nature Keepers.

You can use the 'Dare to Discover app' to help you on the keepers quest. Unlock the Nature Keepers videos and more. Download the ‘Dare to Discover’ app for your smart phone or tablet here.Logo D2D

Please send us your photos and comments via twitter @countryteers #NatureKeepers or facebook bridgend-bites or you can email us at Biodiversity@bridgend.gov.uk



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