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The Bryngarw Keepers' is not only unique to Bridgend County Borough, but we believe the whole of Wales. The projects aim is to implement a unique and interactive interpretation experience that will bring a sense of adventure, discovery and magic to the countryside encouraging people to explore the wider park and all the health benefits that this can bring.

The five Keepers (Circle of the Keepers, the Keeper of the Meadow, Woods, Garden & River) - which are enchanting large wooden sculptures, are located in different areas of the park of which they are the ancient guardians, and each will tell its own story about their particular area.   

The stories will be activated by the visitor placing a 'star talisman' activator, which they will collect from the newly refurbished Visitor Centre onto the Keeper.  The challenge is to find and awaken all the Keepers hidden around the park. Each Keeper will also give a clue as to the location of the next.  On finding all the Keepers the visitor will be awarded a scroll for having completed the Keepers challenge, and will therefore become a Keeper themselves.


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