• It's Invasive Species Week across England, Scotland and Wales 29 February - 6 March

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Gardeners, birdwatchers, sportspeople and recreational anglers are being called on to help protect the UK from the threat of invasive non-native species, Minister for Biosecurity Lord Gardiner announced today as he launched Invasive Species Week.  29 February - 6 March

INNS cost the British economy £1.7 billion a year. To help stop INNS arriving and spreading, Defra and the GB Non-native Species Secretariat are holding a special week to raise awareness of the issue.

While the majority of animals and plants introduced to Britain are harmless, around 10-15% become ‘invasive’.

Invasive species week is dedicated to raising awareness of Invasive species, along with being the fifth birthday of the Check Clean Dry campaign.  The week is being organised by the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat with numerous partners leading INNS events and promoting INNS.

Keep an eye on the @CheckCleanDryGB Twitter page to find out about more about the problem and what you can do to help. Take our free biosecurity e-learning module to learn about how to avoid spreading invasive non-native species, and you could win a copy of the Field Guide to Invasive Plants & Animals in Britain!

For twitter users, GB NNSS will be tweeting at @CheckCleanDryGB, the Minister @WG_NatResMin and WBP at @WBP_wildlife.

More information visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/stop-the-spread-for-invasive-species-week

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